Our Volunteers are an essential part of Horsley & Bookham RDA, without them we couldn’t possibly function.  Anyone over 12 years old may become a volunteer, training is given to everyone who joins the group and you can do as little or as much as you feel capable of.  We have volunteers from a diversity of backgrounds and ages who bring their talents and enthusiasm to contribute to our team. The most important quality that a volunteer must have is the ability to work in a team.

Many volunteers have no horse experience at all when they join but provided you are keen to learn and have a good rapport with people, training is no problem.  It’s a very rewarding and fulfilling experience and some of our volunteers have been involved for many years.

Each year a number of teenagers do their service part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme at RDA. Students planning a career in the caring professions will find that prospective employers and admission tutors will really value the experience gained as an RDA volunteer.

Volunteers aged 14 to 25 can receive recognition for their time and commitment by working for their Young Equestrian Leaders Award

We operate seven rides each week on Sunday morning, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings and during the day time on Tuesdays.

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