Riding with Us

We usually operate seven rides each week on Sunday morning, Wednesday afternoon and evening and during the day time on Tuesday and Thursday.

Throughout every session, the leaders and assistants allow their riders to develop at a pace that suits them. The emphasis is to ensure that each rider really enjoys what they are doing whilst improving their posture and control.


Sessions will include riding exercises to teach riding skills, games and in fair weather the riders can go out for a ‘hack’, a gentle walk outside on a track around the property. This is always a thrill for the riders who feel that this ‘escape from the classroom’ allows them to enjoy ‘real riding’!

We also spend time teaching stable management to the riders. We want them to learn about the horses and understand the care and work they require to be happy and healthy too.


If you wish to join as a rider with Horsley, Bookham & Leatherhead RDA please email: horsleyandbookhamrda@hotmail.co.uk

Lance riding AJ.jpeg